uhhuh Princess Amaya Aqua
the Aqua Princess

"Come on down by the σcєαη, if ya' ain't a loser. I ᴍɪɢʜᴛ bite!"

[❦Iɴdιe αѕĸ/roleplαy вloɢ ғor мy oc Aмαyα тнe Aqυα Prιɴceѕѕ

тяαcкιηg тαgѕ:

ᴀsᴋᴛʜᴇᴀϙᴜᴀᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss, Aмαуα тнє Aqυα Ƥяιηcєѕѕ αɴd Pяιηcєѕѕ Aмαуα Aqυα

Sσмє ιcσηѕ мαу ησт вєℓσηg тσ мє αη∂ мαу вє ƒαη αят. ιƒ тнєу αяє ιт ωιℓℓ вє мєηтισηє∂ ιη тнє тαgѕ.


9, 12, 14 , 63 & 68 ouo

                    100 Questions About Your OC

9. What is their most prized possession? Why is it so important?


Amaya’s most prized possession is her necklace. It belonged to Talassa. Little does she know, the gem connected possesses a strong [curse] power. 

12. Is there anything they’d like to change about themselves physically?

This is an interesting question! Considering how much of a [false] narcissist Amaya is. 
She hates her fins and her freckles. Her fins are actually very peculiar for a water nymph. Most nymphs have pointed fins. 


Feferi is not a nymph but lets use her fins as an example!

On the other hand, freckles are extremely common for a water nymph to have. If they did not have them, they would not be bioluminescent!

14. Are they a cat person? A dog person? An okapi person?

 A shark person!

63. If they could have any pet ever, what would it be?


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4. How old are they?

                    100 Questions About Your OC

4. How old are they?

On July 19th, Amaya recently turned sixteen! One more year from being  [cue music] [You are] the DANCING QUEEN, YOUNG AND SWEeT ONLY S̜̯͖͔͓̮E̻̫͎̯v̡̜̜̤ͅeN͚̻̘T̝̩͚̻̙͔͙E̝͍͔̹͠E̲̭̼N̨̝̙͍͕.

7. Who is there best friend? Why?

                    100 Questions About Your OC

7. Who is there best friend? Why?

This is a toughie, to be honest. I would say Kerili or Astrid. She lost a lot of her closest friends due to past mistakes.


69 ;)

                    100 Questions About Your OC

69. Is there anyone in their life they just can’t say no too? Why?

Yes and no. Amaya will say her thoughts when she feels in danger or scared. She will always try to stand up for herself. 

However, if she admires someone and they ask her for a simple task she may say yes.

Person A: “Can you wash the dishes?”
Amaya: “Nah, I got my hands full.”

Person B [someone Amaya admires]: “Can you wash the dishes?”
Amaya: “Fine.”

As of now, she admires Kerili and Leitha. (And one of the two is deceased so…) 

Amaya will not allow anyone to take advantage of her. However she does try to manipulate others.

15, 16, and 24 for the OC question thing. ;v;

                    100 Questions About Your OC

15. What sort of books do they like to read (if they like to read)?

Amaya loves legends, fairytales, romance and [some] adventure novels. Her favorite story, however is the Legend of the Ocean. 

16. What’s their favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend?

Amaya is never bothered by the rain. In fact, if it is a cold rainy day it is safer for her come upon land. When she is too hot, the parts of her body that are 100% water [she] could evaporate. 

24. What do they think of snakes?

Surprisingly, she has never seen a snake before! Perhaps in a role-play sometime soon she will! However, she hates eels. 
"They don’t taste good when ya’ kill them, an’ the giant ones are always out ta’ kill me!"



                    100 Questions About Your OC

30. If they had three wishes, what would they ask for?

Before I answer, I want to state Amaya would not wish for things she wants but [feels she] needs. I’m saying, even though Amaya loves gold, jewelry, etc she wouldn’t wish for that.

  • 1: To mend her past mistakes. 
  • 2: To wish her mother back to life. (However from little to no description, she would probably return as a zombie.)
  • 3: For her kingdom to exist again so she can become a queen.

All of these wishes would probably alter her timeline drastically.

Does Amaya have any blood related family or no ?

Of course. I’m still working on her mother(s) designs. You can find their descriptions here. You can also find my awesome friend Katy’s headcanon here.

I have a couple of more OCs in the making, those of which have little to no relation to our beloved Aqua Princess.

I haven’t drawn any of them, however I’ll list them

  • Adones; he is (as of now) a shadow [ may change him to a pirate. ]
  • Linette; she is known as the “Waffle Princess” however she is not actually royalty. It’s her stage name. She is a very popular pop singer.
  • Smoothie Princess; this cutie isn’t someone I plan to use, but draw when I’m bored tbh. She is literally just a smoothie with a crown wrapped around her straw. 

83. Why is their main goal so important to them? What set them on that path?

                    100 Questions About Your OC

83. Why is their main goal so important to them? What set them on that path?

Amaya’s main goal is survival. She wants nothing more than to keep herself safe. She will not protect others, only herself. This does not mean she doesn’t care for other people. This “goal” was set by her fear of dying. No matter how much she cares about someone, if she feels unsafe she will run away. That is all she feels capable of, running away from her problems. This goal causes her to lose friends and create enemies, because they feel she betrayed them. She does not mean to intentionally hurt anyone, she is just afraid.


100 Questions About You OC


To fill out for fun or for people to ask~

1. What is your OC’s name?

2. What is your OC’s gender?

3. What is your OC’s sexual orientation?

4. How old are they?

5. What species are they- human, animal, alien, robot, none of the above?

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I feel like if Amaya and Ashley ever met it would be really awkward because Ashley would be really curious and poking Amaya. Just thinking.


That’s cute! However Amaya really hates being touched, especially poked constantly. It bugs her, but she also feels uncomfortable when people touch her. (Especially her fins don’t kiss/touch/etc the fins without consent, she will literally drown you.)

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